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CIENCE partners with best-of-breed sales consultants and software vendors to provide highly trained, on-demand researchers, SDRs, and sales operations specialists. We have invested heavily in training and preparing highly educated, ambitious individuals for success in the modern sales environment, and can provide access to personnel at exceptional value.

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As one of the leading HubSpot Sales Solutions Partners, CIENCE uses the HubSpot Sales CRM extensively across Sales Development (Inbound & Outbound) functions, deploying feature functionality from Sequences to Messages to Meetings to Contacts– and much, much more.

The HubSpot ecosystem also enables expert training for CIENCE personnel. Currently, CIENCE employees hold over 300+ HubSpot Certifications in subject matter ranging from Sales Enablement to Email Marketing to Inside Sales to Inbound to Sales Software (13 in all).

“CIENCE is one of our top sales partners. The way CIENCE approaches Outbound is a detailed, intelligent way to do prospecting and pipeline development.”

Brian Signorelli, Director
Global Sales Partner Program @HubSpot

An important element for CIENCE customers are the descriptive analytics of their campaigns. We’ve partnered with Databox to offer the best possible visualizations of metrics available on the market.

“Cience has the processes in place to transparently share their team’s activity, as well as the outcomes they produce. In real-time, you can monitor their progress towards your targets.”

Peter Caputa IV
CEO of Databox