Explore Your Sales Journey

It’s our mutual interest that potential customers of CIENCE make an informed buying decision based on comprehensive information provided during their buyer’s journey. To make this possible, we mapped the sales journey for our clients and created educational content for each stage.

CIENCE believes that we can only succeed if our buyers are empowered with knowledge. Start your educational sales journey here.


Does outsourcing fit your business? How to find the best provider? What are CIENCE lead generation methods? How do we determine mutual fit (NOTE)?

Ideal Customer Profile

Make your own ICP with us and receive sample leads. What is an ICP? How to build it? Why do you need it to succeed with CIENCE?

Return on Investment

Calculate the ROI of your sales research and development activities. Determine the minimum viable number of opportunities to justify costs. Learn how to improve ROI.

Statement of Work

Learn how CIENCE has helped clients increase their revenues with sales research and development campaigns.


Discover more about our company and learn how we work in great detail. Understand how our people go about their jobs.

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Explore Your Sales Journey with CIENCE