CIENCE is proud to have served 100s of clients over its brief history, spanning 65 industries. A few of our shared success stories are below.

“CIENCE is the best of both worlds, combining the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing with the insight and personal relationships that come with in-house employees.”
Finance Technology
“Not only did their results exceed the cost of investment in their services, but their team was also easy to work with, highly professional, and prompt in communications throughout.”
IT Events
“We liked their ability to build contact lists because successful outreach takes time and we’d be able to use those lists for future marketing efforts.”
“CIENCE did excellently. They make themselves available. They’re based offshore, but they worked on our schedule.”
Finance Technology
“They'd create appointments for us with companies we wouldn’t have met otherwise.”
Management Consulting
“CIENCE provides a full sales development team and works on various lead generation tasks, such as copywriting and landing page design.”
Travel and Tourism
“I was pleased with the results, their timing, and their communication.”
“Whenever we asked them for something, they’d figure out how to make it work to the best of their abilities before returning with a solution.”
“They were extremely diligent in their data gathering process, and we had access to all conversations they had with any prospects or any research they’ve done.”
Translation and Interpretation Services
“CIENCE exists to help its clients study new markets, find targeted prospects, and begin meaningful sales conversations with them.”
“The engagement has led to almost a million dollars in potential opportunities.”
Healthcare Technology
“I feel as though we’re on the same team, and I’m happy with the service I receive from them. My favorite thing is that they bring to our relationship highly qualified leads.”
IT, Travel
“I’ve found their level of service to be excellent throughout the whole process.’”
Facilities Services
“By working with them we gained new clients and partners that we wouldn’t have otherwise.”
“We’ve seen about a 10% conversion rate, which is fantastic in our business.”
Identity screening solution
“They’re probably the most attentive firm we’ve worked with.”
“[CIENCE is] much more effective than any account executive we could’ve hired and probably around the same price, too.”
Event Services
“Every week, I have multiple calls scheduled with companies that I wouldn't have known anything about without their input”
“They were receptive to our feedback and consistently provided alternate suggestions and solutions to benefit the project.”
“In just a few weeks, CIENCE developed a good understanding of the industry and its technical language, which helped them secure more appointments than expected.”
Industrial Automation
“Our business is improving, and I’m also saved a lot of stress because of their work.”
“CIENCE delivers on time, implements suggestions quickly, and creates excellent custom email templates.”
Biotechnology, Genomics