Inbound SDR

Inbound Sales

People-as-a-Service is what CIENCE is known for. With our
Inbound SDRs, marketers need never worry that a lead is being followed-up with properly.

We practice your form of qualification, acting as a seamless part
of your organization while constantly helping to create sales
qualified leads (SQL’s) for your organization.

Better than Bots

Sales Development is hard. Qualified labor is in short supply. Fully
loaded salary, overhead, and bonuses for SDRs are expensive on top of
marketing costs to generate leads in the first place, like PPC, CPM,
Events, PR, and SEO. Every lead has a cost to acquire.

On the flip side, expecting the sales team to follow-up properly with
every marketing qualified lead (MQL) will:

  • Fill their calendars with an inconsistent lead flow
  • Provide variable response times for would-be customers
  • Leave leads hanging if they “don’t look right” (sales cherry-picking)
  • Frustrate your sales team and teach them to distrust marketing

Don’t squander opportunities simply because Inbound SDR costs,
skills, and talents had previously been out of reach. With CIENCE,
this role can be a strength in your organization.

Our Expertise

With CIENCE, you outsource the headaches. We
recruit, hire, train, and retain dedicated Inbound SDR’s
for our clients.

Core packages
to grow revenue

Inbound SDR

Number of Dedicated Staff 1
Composition of Staff Inbound Sales Assistant / Rep
Guaranteed Working Hours 40 hrs / wk / per person
Account Management? Yes; Dedicated CSM
Types of Tasks Human Response to Online Forms,
Real-Time Chat Client,
Preliminary Qualification (MQL-to-SQL), Enrichment of Data (CRM, MAP)
On-Call Service Level Agreements Available

Our process highlights

HubSpot Certified Staff

Each Inbound SDR possesses an Inbound Marketing Certification, and many also specialize in Sales Enablement, Email Marketing, and Sales Development.

University Degrees

Each SDR is college educated, most staff have advanced degrees.

Constant Training

Our model includes company-wide and specific skill-set training with regards to customer response times, demand generation strategies, prospect psychology, account-based methodologies, and optimal messaging.

Appropriate Software / Tooling

CIENCE provides leading-edge sales development tools, including chat software, marketing platform, sales engagement platform, sales intelligence, lead scoring, research, dialer, real-time chat, scheduling, project management, and CRM access.


All CIENCE dedicated SDR Teams are managed at both Department and Customer Success levels, providing quality assurance across activities, tasks, and work done on your behalf.


All activities are tracked and reported on regularly. Weekly update calls inform, then provide opportunities for collaboration and real-time strategy sessions.

Serious ROI

We like to say that our human-powered and
machine-driven services provide superior return on
investment to any comparable sales development
approach– usually less than 1/3 the costs of building
your own equivalent teams.

We have helped hundreds of organizations go to
market quickly, penetrate new markets, and create
predictable pipeline.

Meet Our People


Inbound SDR

I’m trained in marketing fundamentals. The faster my response time, the less any inbound lead decays… Simple as that.

I’m good at qualification– turning Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), where bad-fit leads never make it to sales.

I map individually to customer accounts, performing critical tasks efficiently without constant supervision. I’m comfortable over chat, phone, or email.

I’ve completed external certification programs from companies like Salesforce and Hubspot to provide you administrative and sales support.

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