Best Practices for
a Wise Buying Decision

Running research and sales development teams in-house is arguably the hardest, costliest, and most time-intensive process most companies will face. Outsourcing teams to fill the top of the sales funnel with a lead generation vendor eliminates many of these headaches – if you choose wisely.


In today’s competitive landscape, generating new business is harder than ever. Securing the right ally to help you grow is key to success.

Internal teams are usually too focused on existing tasks to properly execute outbound campaigns.

The right outsourced vendor allows you explore outbound pipeline development in a disciplined and cost-efficient way, and to scale up outbound activities as soon as the economics are proven out. Done properly, outsourced outbound campaigns deliver the best possible risk-reward ratio for exploring and scaling outbound top of sales funnel development.


Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Lead Gen Vendor
  • Case Studies
  • Cost Calculations
  • Conclusion
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