Bespoke Sales

Our human-powered and machine-driven services have helped hundreds of organizations build hard-to-find target audiences with pinpoint precision.


Your/Our Expertise

Sales Development is hard. Qualified labor is in short supply. Fully loaded salary, overhead and bonuses for SDRs are expensive. And tenures are notoriously short.

With CIENCE, you outsource the headaches. We recruit, hire, train, and retain dedicated sales development teams for our clients.


Our Values


High Accuracy

The Cience Platform is our operating system guiding our Research Staff.

“CIENCE provided the most accurate leads we’ve ever bought.”
Recent IPO Tech Company

Filters & Targeting

Our data scientists provide opportunities to combine data sets— which software alone cannot match. Your buyer persona, potential addressable market, and appointment-to-lead ratios increase with greater targeting.


Data Analytics

Our data-driven approach reflects the machine learning capabilities of the CIENCE Platform. We leverage the latest algorithms in semantic analysis, natural language processing, and big data.

This enables us to get at hard-to-find data that doesn’t exist in other data subscription services.


Account-Based Marketing Approach

With CIENCE, we have the ability to break target accounts into well-defined organizational structures— including org chart views, geographic divisions and lines of reporting. This enables the execution of true Account-Based Marketing with confidence that you are reaching the right stakeholder at the right company.

Meet Your CIENCE-tists



I deliver curated, highly-targeted and (most important!) accurate lead lists to my clients, quickly.

I’m familiar with Account-Based Marketing or pure demographic targeting of individual prospects. I always focus on the ICP (Ideal Customer Profiles) we build together to ensure only the right leads are found.

I sweat the details to identify the decision makers at your target accounts. I have access to great tools, including the CIENCE Platform, which help me outperform my lead list quotas. I can sift through a wide variety unique attributes for each prospect for deeper personalization or qualification in your outreach phase. I can also validate your existing leads and enrich them with unique data attributes.


People + Tools
= Results

The CIENCE difference starts with people — Let us give you a taste of what we can do for you.

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