About Machine Learning Conference

Machine Learning Conference (MLConf) was created to host thought leaders in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and discuss top insights for applying techniques, tools, algorithms, and methodologies to the problems that occur when dealing with massive and noisy data.

MLConf is independent of any outside company or university. Their conferences are a series of events in various cities organized to gather Machine Learning communities and create an environment for the community to coalesce and share knowledge.

Their latest event featured talks from Tesla, Uber ATG, Google, IBM Watson, Facebook, Baidu Inc., Planet, Amazon (AWS), Carta, and many others.

Courtney Burton
IT Events

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Niche – Machine Learning

Product: Niche event

Courtney Burton, Founder: “I own the Machine Learning Conference, a small business that hosts a conference for a specific niche of technology. We needed additional help with lead generation and were lacking the resources or time to dedicate to sourcing new leads within our own team.”

Projects like this one are special for two reasons. First, holding several events throughout the year provides us with a specific time-frame for our campaigns. As a rule of thumb, our outreach lasts for approximately one month prior to the event. This amount of time and effort makes an FTE in-house SDR too expensive. So for this format, outsourcing is the best option.

“CIENCE worked with us on two occasions to help generate leads by finding targeted leads and reaching out to potential clients on my behalf. They looped me into the process once the leads turned into potential clients.”

Second, the search for contact data for niche industries is very difficult. To find a startup that is involved in machine learning, a researcher has to closely study the business and work of multiple companies and filter only the relevant ones.


Over the past three years, CIENCE has developed a seamless outbound prospecting process. Every researcher, SDR, and Sales Assistant in our company learn their role in this process upon joining the team. This enables us to provide both quantity and quality to our clients.

“CIENCE’s team generated a significant amount of leads in a relatively short time frame. Not only did their results exceed the cost of investment in their services, but their team was also easy to work with, highly professional, and prompt in communications throughout.”

In Sales Assistance projects, one person is in charge of finding prospects and managing outreach. This helps reduce costs and fits well for campaigns in small-niche sectors because they require a smaller amount of “players.”

“CIENCE’s team reached out to 50–100 companies per week on my behalf, scheduling 33 calls in the process. In the last month, their work has more than paid for itself.”

On average, one SA can find up to 40 leads per day (depending on the complexity of the research). We keep our contact data up-to-date and run tests to ensure a low bounce rate.

CIENCE's team generated a significant amount of leads in a relatively short time frame.


CIENCE is people working with people. We are diligent in developing soft skills to provide the best service to our clients and conduct outstanding B2B conversations with their potential buyers.

“They’re very friendly and easy to work with. We generally communicate through email and spreadsheets.”

We also put forth much effort to be flexible and adapt our methods and techniques to the unique needs of each of our clients.

“CIENCE quickly educated themselves on my business and customized the types of leads they reached out to accordingly.”

CIENCE’s Evaluation
Overall Score
They were always on time and prompt in communications.
The results they produced more than paid for the investments on their services.