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Client Onboarding Phases

Phase I – SOW signed

  • CSM assigned
  • Team Resources Requested
  • Client receives ICP and Email Questionnaire
  • CSM introduced Note

Phase II – Client Deliverables

  • CSM schedules a kick-off call
  • Review Email Questionnaire
  • Review ICP

Phase III – Meet the Team

  • Kick-off call/Onboarding call
    3C Messaging Working Session (Client
    + Copywriters + CSM)
  • CONCIERGE Landing pages Presentation
    + SDR/SA intro call scheduled
  • Landing Page Building starts
  • Success Factors
  • Share Bio’s of CSM, SDR’s

Phase IV – Research Start

  • Research delivery schedule established
  • CIENCE begins research process of
    approved ICP

Phase V – Systems in Place

  • Basecamp Channel Established
  • Corporate Email Address for Resource
  • Domain OAuth and Mail setup
  • Email Signature | Email Sequence | Email
    Address and Messaging Test | Email Domain
    Health | List Validation Tests
  • Email Domain Health (Warm-Up + Checklist)
  • HubSpot Licenses
  • Landing page Subdomain established
  • Tech Stack Hooked Up

Phase VI – Client Review &
Approval (Campaign Elements)

  • Deliver client Messaging Templates
  • Communication Sequence Presented
    to Client
  • Client approves Messaging Templates
  • CONCIERGE LP Design Phase Complete
    (Client Review & Approval)
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