The key goal of the CIENCE sales process is to help our clients make an informed buying decision. We use the buyer-focused NOTE methodology.


We try to understand the needs of our prospects in order to see if there is a fit. Some of the most common are:

  • Increase sales pipeline
  • Build sales development from scratch
  • Expand into new industry/geography/niche
  • Augment current research and sales development


We specify needs to ensure further conversations are worth pursuing (with numbers to quantify the opportunity). Random examples:

  • Increase the number of outbound leads by 30%
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost by 25%
  • Build consistent lead flow to feed 3 Account Execs in 3 months
  • To find and contact 1,000 prospects per month


It’s important to learn who on the buy-side needs to be involved in making a decision and who will be affected by working together:

  • We learn the structure of your sales organization
  • Develop roles, including the main point of contact
  • Ensure that we’ve aligned all the decision makers in your company
  • Provide data necessary to make an informed decision


After learning more about your sales process and team, we create a mutual vision of shared goals/impacts. Various examples:

  • Return 3x of the investment in sales development working with CIENCE
  • Achieve 125% of quota in following quarter from engagement
  • Obtain direct response market learnings launching a new product
  • Grow sales headcount by 25% via predictable leads

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