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Eric Quanstrom


Eric is CMO at CIENCE, responsible for growth, sales, and marketing strategies at the company. He spends his time preparing overall plans to increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and develop programs with quantifiable objectives to measure results.

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Mike Schultz

President of RAIN Group

Mike Schultz is a best-selling author of Rainmaking Conversations and Insight SellinWe’ve worked with peopleg, Director of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, and President of RAIN Group, a global sales training, and performance improvement company. He and RAIN Group have helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and professionals in more than 73 countries transform their sales results and unleash their sales potential. Follow Mike on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Laurie Page

Managing Partner at The Bridge Group

An expert at developing strategic initiatives and tactical implementation plans, Laurie ensures the delivery of high quality, results-driven solutions to each of The Bridge Group’s clients. As Managing Partner, she leverages her colleagues’ experience in sales process methodology, measurement and metric development, project management, and recruiting to build high performing teams for clients.

A trusted advisor, coach, and mentor, Laurie uses her two decades of strategic sales management experience to build the capacity of The Bridge Group and each of its inside sales consultants. Those same skills are used to help her B2B technology clients build, expand, and optimize their inside sales teams.

John Girard


John is a seasoned business leader and technology entrepreneur who runs and grows businesses in all economic climates. Through his career, he’s covered various senior executive positions and is currently CEO of CIENCE. John loves sharing his knowledge, speaking at various events and conferences on technology trends, culture, and best practices in building businesses.

A Stanford grad, John spends his free time reading about evolutionary biology, playing guitar, cooking Italian culinary masterpieces, traveling with his wife, and learning everything he can from his children.

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Peter Caputa

CEO at Databox

Formerly VP Sales at Hubspot. He started and scaled agency partner program to $100M ARR. Now, Peter is CEO of Databox. An expert on the B2B media industry and inbound marketing, Pete has helped hundreds of companies transform the way they attract, convert, and close customers for both themselves and their advertisers. Connect with Peter on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Frank Cespedes

Faculty Chair of the Aligning Strategy and Sales program at Harvard Business School

Frank Cespedes teaches at Harvard Business School. His most recent book is Aligning Strategy and Sales: The Choices, Systems, and Behaviors that Drive Effective Selling (Harvard Business Review Press), which was cited as, “the best sales book of the year” (Strategy + Business), “a must read” (Gartner Group), and “perhaps the best sales book ever” (Forbes). His new book (Harvard Business Review Press, forthcoming) is about what is and is not changing in sales, and why knowing the difference matters.

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Marcus Svensson

Head of Growth at Albacross

Marcus Svensson is responsible for the Growth of Albacross with previous experience as a founder and background in Mathematics from Stanford. Albacross is one of the top lead generation tools in Europe today and growing with hundreds of new companies every day.

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Ruchika Batra

Director of Product Marketing at BirdEye

Ruchika is the Director of Product Marketing at BirdEye, an all-in-one customer experience platform. With her expertise in SEO and content marketing, Ruchika is responsible for creating and managing the BirdEye blog, webinars, case studies and sales enablement tools to take new products to market. Being a customer experience expert, she advises businesses on the best practices around managing customer experience for business growth. Connect with Ruchika on Linkedin.

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Grayson Kemper

Senior Content Writer for Clutch

Grayson Kemper is a Content and Editorial Manager at Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform in Washington, D.C. He focuses on SEO companies and emerging technologies research.

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Meg Kawalkowska

Marketing Specialist at Woodpecker

Meg's passion for writing brought her to become a Marketing Specialist at Woodpecker. Lead generation, cold email, and sales are new topics for her but she got a grasp of them pretty quickly. She is fueled by tea and good music. She wishes a day was 48 hours long so she had enough time for all her hobbies and interests.

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Mary Siewierska

Content Marketing Specialist at Woodpecker

Mary Siewierska is a Content Marketing Specialist at Woodpecker.co, a cold email & follow-up automation tool. She writes a lot about cold email copy & email deliverability for Woodpecker’s blog and social media spaces, such as Quora. Follow her on Twitter or Quora

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Antara Agarwal

Full-time marketing consultant at Outgrow

Antara Agarwal is a full-time marketing consultant at Outgrow. She can be found packing her bags for her next trip, often to the mountains. And in one of those bags, you will always find a half-finished book she’s been struggling with for months.

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Briant Wells

Marketing Manager at CIENCE

Briant Wells is the Marketing Manager at CIENCE Technologies. He began as a content writer and campaign strategist, working on over 200 b2b multi-channel outbound campaigns for 100+ clients. He loves writing, telling jokes that may (or may not) fall flat, and surfing to clear his mind.

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Anastasiia Holovnenko

Content Writer at CIENCE

Anastasiia Holovnenko is a Content Writer at CIENCE Technologies. She creates articles and guides on B2B Lead Generation. She is passionate about psychology, literature and cinematography.

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Austin Quinn

Marketing Content Writer at CIENCE

Austin Quinn crafts outbound marketing strategies and messaging in his role as a Marketing Content Writer at CIENCE Technologies. In his time at CIENCE, he's written more emails than he's received – or so he thinks – for dozens of client accounts across a wide swathe of industries.

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Anastasia Voitehina

Content Writer at CIENCE

Anastasia Voitehina is a Content Writer at CIENCE Technologies. She creates passionate articles, witty infographics and smart charts dedicated to B2B Lead Generation. Anastasia also records the company's history and writes inspirational stories about her colleagues.

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Jaslyn Oberoi

Content Writer and Email Copywriter at CIENCE

Jaslyn Oberoi is a former content writer and email copywriter at CIENCE. She was in charge of both writing blogs and creating email templates and cold call scripts. She has a Bachelor’s Degree focused on Marketing and Digital Marketing training from the General Assembly.

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