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High Accuracy

The Cience Platform is our operating system guiding our Researchers, Sales Development Reps and Sales Assistants in their daily tasks for our clients. We’re known for our high-accuracy results for clients.

Cutting Edge

Our data-driven approach reflects the machine learning capabilities of the Cience Platform. We leverage the latest algorithms in semantic analysis, natural language processing, and workflow automation.

Filters & Targeting

Our data scientists provide opportunities to combine complete data sets— which software alone cannot match. Your buyer persona, potential addressable market, and appointment-to-lead ratios increase with greater targeting.

People + Tools = Results

The CIENCE difference starts with people. Clever, motivated research professionals take:

  • Demographic data
  • Firmographic data
  • Technographic data
  • Psychographic data

…to validate, enrich, and combine these criteria to create highly-specific lead lists, unmatched by software or other services.


Data Intelligence

Machine learning provides extremely helpful tools to the Lead Generation and Sales Development process.

The Cience Platform takes advantage of natural language processing, categorization, and predictive analysis to improve the top of the sales funnel activities for our clients.