To CIENCE, Telemarketing for B2B is a reliable way to start sales conversations with the companies you’ve identified as must-wins. Some people might say it isn’t a viable method anymore. However, phone calling is a more personal, human-to-human method that works in 2020, just as it did in 2000. Granted, telemarketing has undergone significant changes over the past 20 years, but change doesn’t mean outdated.

In fact, most star salespeople are the strongest advocates for telemarking. Either they invest time, money, and resources into building their outbound telemarketing strategy, or outsource it to companies like CIENCE.

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Telemarketing Services:
From then to 2020

Think telemarketing is just dialing for dollars day after day, and repeating the same scripts over and over? Leading outbound telemarketing companies like CIENCE don’t robotically, mindlessly pitch non-stop.

Instead, we listen, engage, and ask key questions in meaningful conversations that help potential clients realize they’re interested in your services or products.

Today B2B telemarketing needs to be augmented by sales intelligence and other channels of communication, including email, web, social media, and offline activities.

When looking for telemarketing success, choose a company with modern methodologies that are executed by friendly, customer-centric professionals.

To succeed in telemarketing, you should have (and CIENCE provides):

  • An Ideal Customer Profile
  • An up-to-date list of leads that fit your ICP
  • Prospect Data— Enriched, useful information to help connect with a prospect in a meaningful way
  • Direct Dials - to skip gatekeepers
  • Sales augmentation software (including dialing tools and CRMs)
  • Professional teams consisting of a manager and at least one trained specialist who knows your product/service + the needs of your potential clients
  • Proven methods and messaging for multichannel outreach
  • Reporting on every campaign
  • Sentiment analysis of each engagement
  • Process plans for each stage and its activities
  • Psychological understanding of prospect personas

Benefits of
Telemarketing Services:


Get More Direct Dials with Sales Intelligence

There’s little to be gained from calling the wrong people or having incorrect data on them. More volume only exacerbates inaccuracy problem. The ability to target effectively is more than half the battle when it comes to successful telemarketing.


Persona-Based, Prospect Focused Messaging

Ask the right questions to get prospects talking. Spark interest and desire to continue the conversation forward, turn that flicker into a qualified, and ultimately a closed-won deal.


New Business Opportunities

Fortune favors the Bold. Use B2B telemarketing to reach out to your dream clients. Leverage the opportunity to generate value for them at the early stages of the sales funnel.


Sales Pipeline Predictability

In addition to a set number of activities for an SDR to complete, you can also calculate positive responses, negative responses, call success, and conversion rates. With consistent and daily outreach, prospecting fills the top of funnel with predictable qualified meetings.


Cost Effectiveness

Outsourced Telemarking team help to reduce costs while scaling business development processes and operations. Typically less than ⅓ the cost of in-house options, CIENCE comes to the table with best practices, proven processes, and eager sales development reps who succeed when you succeed.

What Our Clients Say About Our
Telemarketing Service

“The team size varies between five and six members. They provide a researcher, who generates leads and submits them for review each week. We review each prospect before they initiate contact. We also work with an account relationship manager, who we speak with on a weekly basis, as well. For day-to-day contact, there’s a full-time telemarketer who handles phone calls and sets our appointments.”
Doug Stubbs
VP at Beijer Electronics
“CIENCE’s second task was coordinating the initial outreach efforts with these clients and tracking them. The team handled the initial screening calls to see if the clients were a candidate for the new product and then tracked the follow-up process.”
Founder & CEO of
Healthcare & Software Company


Leads a month with a 22-point standard data set
Industries sold and prospected
Ranked #1
telemarketing company by Clutch (the leading independent B2B review site)

Telemarketing Services Are Beneficial For All Types Of Companies

CIENCE’s outsourced telemarketing service offers flexible methodologies and best practices customized for any company—from startups to Fortune 500. Hire a team of SDRs to affordably enhance outbound marketing activities or scale outreach to keep up with, or ignite, business growth.

Build predictability into your pipeline with the best
outsource telemarketing service available - CIENCE.

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