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Think of CIENCE like an extension of your sales and marketing teams; our Researchers find high-quality leads and Sales Development Representatives use sales intelligence to secure appointments through our multi-channel approach. You can connect with your Ideal Customers on all fronts, and cold calling services is an important part of a larger sales development strategy.

CIENCE cold calling and appointment setting services are cost-efficient and time-saving. We provide qualified opportunities so you can close deals.

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Cold Calling Services at CIENCE

Our sales development process maximizes value for your business using a combination of time-tested best practices and customized methodologies tailored to your Ideal Customer Profile.

Our callers are flexible, patient, and supported by a team here at CIENCE to help customize the number and order of calls, email waves, and overall campaign touches. We strive for quality over quantity — personalized emails, voicemails, and additional context about each prospect allow us to deliver qualified sales appointments to make your time and investments worthwhile.

Cold calling and outreach begins just two weeks after you sign your contract. To prepare your campaign for optimal success, we undergo a rigorous and consistent process:

  • Based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), our researchers will scurry off to find qualified leads and engage your best-fit prospects. From there, we’ll deliver a sample list for your approval.
  • Messaging is at the core of a successful call, which is why our Email Templates, Phone and Voicemail Scripts, Reply Handling, and key campaign ideas are hammered out and prepared in advance by CIENCE copywriters — for you to approve, and for your Sales Development Representative (SDR) to practice.
  • Thanks to tools such as AI/ML software and the help of manual scrutiny from our Researchers, we deliver and secure lists with 95%+ email deliverability.
  • Using multichannel outreach, your SDR combines email, phone, web, and social networks to start valuable conversations that matter most to your business.
  • Once the whole recipe comes together, you get appointments for your sales folks. We’ll make first contact, appeal to your Ideal Clients’ needs, and deliver interested prospects to your doorstep (literally, too, if you prefer meeting face-to-face). We enable your team to close deals with must-win customers.

CIENCE Cold Calling And Appointment Setting Provides:


Immediate Go-to-Market

Unlike inbound marketing, where you wait for interested leads to come your way, our outbound approach takes you to your Ideal Customers immediately. Our experienced SDR teams, researchers, and support staff enable you to launch your first campaign in two weeks and start seeing noticeable results (compared to 6 months for most digital marketing agencies).


Personalized Process

We prefer quality over quantity, and so do our clients; that’s why our SDRs use multiple-touch cadences and channels to get value out of every lead. We’re flexible and ready to adjust to your business needs so that you can launch a campaign that everyone is proud to be a part of. Oh, and we’ll keep you updated with weekly reports on your SDR’s activities.


Expansion and Growth

Like a scientist, we embrace experimentation, providing you with a fertile testing ground to penetrate new markets. Whether you want to dive deeper into a specific vertical or take a dive into unexplored waters, we can help you do so and give you actionable insights to help you take it from there.


Brand Recognition

CIENCE allows you to connect with your clients, build recognition, and spread your message to the decision-makers that will find it most relevant. The people you want to talk to are out there, and we can help you get those conversations started.

What Our Clients Say About Our
Telemarketing Service

“CIENCE is responsible for identifying prospect companies for the customer, enriching data elements, and conducting custom or on-demand research. They’re also responsible for calling or emailing prospects on customers’ behalf, managing drip nurture campaigns, delivering templates and scripts for approval, and scheduling meetings through various mediums.”
Patrick J.McIntyre
Senior Director of Sales
“CIENCE Technologies finds the appropriate leads, and they make the first contact with the decision-makers so that we don’t have to do any cold calling ourselves. They schedule appointments once the lead has been qualified, and we have a salesperson take over at that point. I fully consider CIENCE Technologies to be a part of our team.”
Cindy Rike
Vice President
“They’re at the very top of our sales funnel. They identify leads through their own research methods based on a customer profile that we provide. We then review and approve each of those leads. Those leads are then imported into a workflow that we use to reach clients — either with cold calls or email campaigns.”
Nathan Brown
Business Development Director

Direct Dials - Starting Conversation with Decision Makers

Take the hassle out of cold calling and gain maximum value from outbound call center services. Rather than hiring in-house, leverage a cost-efficient CIENCE team to connect you with your Ideal Customers and drive sales growth for your organization.

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