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Today, B2B companies enjoy more opportunities and tools to interact and engage with their potential clients than at any point in history. Which one is the best? Outbound should be on your list.

Our call center services will help you engage with your potential customers.

We convert leads into qualified opportunities using the power of human voice and value-driven, prospect-focused conversations.

That’s why CIENCE never provides call center services as a stand-alone (mono-channel). Instead, we use the phone as a part of a multi-channel sales development strategy that also includes email send-outs, web chat, and conversations via social networks.

Search for
high-quality leads
Based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), a dedicated lead generation specialist builds up-to-date lists with precise data of your prospects.
Your assigned Sales Development Reps collect information about a prospect that will help them build meaningful conversations.
All emails are carefully crafted and personalized to be relevant to prospects. Our messaging process includes copywriters, proofreaders, and software.
Phone Calling
to your leads
SDRs track the interactions of a lead with a received email. They make phone calls after a set number of opens or link-clicks. Signals of intent guide our actions.

Consistently recognized as one of the best call center service companies, CIENCE provides flexibility and customization for your business.

Single SDRs at CIENCE typically reach up to 35 leads per day on multiple channels. Our goal is to personalize messaging and have human-to-human conversations (instead of 1-phrase cold pitches).

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CIENCE Call Services for your Business:

  • Build up-to-date lists of high-quality leads.
  • Set the types of contact data you wish to see in this list.
  • CIENCE provides the most accurate, lowest bounce rate on the market.
  • We can find leads that match the most sophisticated ICP.
  • We customize your outreach campaign (campaign strategists, copywriters).
  • Set the channels, the sequences, and the number of leads processed per day.
  • Develop key messaging and reasons for prospects to care.
  • Use A/B testing to see what works best for you.
  • Leverage the multi-channel outreach.
  • The combined system of phone calls, emails, and touches in social networks will provide you the best engagement metrics.
  • Control your campaigns via comprehensive reporting.
  • Check out how many activities your SDRs do on your behalf every day.
  • Analyze outreach data. You will get reports on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“CIENCE is responsible for identifying prospect companies for the customer, enriching data elements, and conducting custom or on-demand research. They’re also responsible for calling or emailing prospects on customers’ behalf, managing drip nurture campaigns, delivering templates and scripts for approval, and scheduling meetings through various mediums.”
Patrick J.McIntyre
Senior Director of Sales
“CIENCE’s second task was coordinating the initial outreach efforts with these clients and tracking them. The team handled the initial screening calls to see if the clients were a candidate for the new product and then tracked the follow-up process.”
Aaron Kamlay
Partner at Morris & Kamlay
“The team size varies between five and six members. They provide a researcher, who generates leads and submits them for review each week. We review each prospect before they initiate contact. We also work with an account relationship manager, who we speak with on a weekly basis, as well. For day-to-day contact, there’s a full-time telemarketer who handles phone calls and sets our appointments.”
Doug Stubbs
VP at Beijer Electronics

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