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Healthy business growth starts with a constant inflow of quality sales opportunities. CIENCE can build this process from scratch or adapt to complement your existing approach. It is all about flexibility. There’s no need to pay large sales development OTEs, wait for a 3-6 month ramp-up period, or endure constant training and management headaches of your own Sales Development Team (and the high employee turnover).

Every SDR Team package includes building high-quality lead lists, landing pages, and a complete sales playbook. Appointment setting services from CIENCE are cost-efficient and time-saving. We provide qualified opportunities, and you close the deals.

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Trusted by leading B2B brands, large and small (soon-to-be large)

CIENCE combines industry best practices and internally developed methodologies to develop customized campaigns tailored to each client and their industries.

We then wrap it all together to conduct target outreach on behalf of clients, consistently.

First campaign iterations are launched in just 2 weeks after you sign a contract with us. We start with:

  • An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is necessary to engage with best-fit prospects. During the sales cycle, 30 test leads are delivered for your approval.
  • Email Templates, Phone Scripts, Reply Handling and Prospect Experience journeys for campaigns are developed and written by CIENCE copywriters and then approved by you.
  • We use the combination of human intelligence and AI/ML software to build accurate lists and secure 95%+ deliverability.
  • Multichannel outreach - our appointment setters use email, phone, and social networks to start business conversations with your dream clients.
  • Appointment Setting - the final stage of the process. We make first contact, appeal to what matters most to your Ideal Clients, and deliver itnerested prospects, and so you can start the sales conversation and close deals with must-win customers.

Appointment setting provides you:


Fast Go-to-Market

CIENCE provides the fastest results of any Marketing activity. Our company provides a pool of experienced SDRs— that’s why it takes only 2 weeks to launch your first outreach campaign with us. In comparison, most digital marketing needs at least 6 months to start bringing in a noticeable amount of leads.


Brand Awareness

CIENCE’s appointment setting services spread the word about your brand among the decision-makers of your potential clients, the very people you desire to target with your marketing activities in the first place.


New Markets Expansion

CIENCE affords a fertile testing ground for growth into new markets. Any growth requires leaving your comfort zone. Testing new industries, company sizes, geographies, and business types to learn how they perceive of your product/service, and gain valuable insights into your value at first introduction.


Customized Sales Specialization

CIENCE provides a set of B2B appointment setting services that can be adjusted to the specifics of your business. You can use them to feed your sales funnel and simultaneously aid inbound marketing and brand awareness.


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Industries served by CIENCE Appointment Setting Services

Meet your CIENCE appointment setting team:

Sales Researcher creates a contact list of your potential customers
Campaign Strategist and Marketing Content Writers craft personalized messaging to decision-makers.
SDR runs the outreach and starts conversations with prospects to set up an appointment
CSM supervises the work of the team and makes suggestions on campaign performance and optimization.
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Justin H.
Chief Marketing Officer
Solid outsourcing. Incredible flexibility.

“They worked with our processes, made overnight recommendations when we weren’t satisfied with the results and then wholly shifted geared when we moved our resources to a SDR approach rather than a BDR strategy.”

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Appointment setting services are beneficial for all types of companies:

  • It’s the best source of high-quality leads for startups
  • It’s the most cost-effective method to save on sales development costs for SMBs
  • It can help re-imagine and revamp sales processes for enterprises

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