Looking for a Partner to stand-in, augment,
or replace in-house sales development teams?

To grow your business, you need more qualified opportunities right now. With CIENCE, you’re able to deploy an SDR Team in less than two weeks.

Areas We Help


Speed to Revenue

Investing in Outbound services is still the fastest, most direct path to market. Unlike virtually all other marketing and advertising spend— Account-Based prospecting is measured in weeks, not months (nor years).



Daily research and sequenced sales outreach offers the steadiest stream of new opportunities of any lead gen activity. Consistency of opportunities is a repeatable formula, offering the ability to manage forecasts and growth.


Call Your Shot

Engaging with a firm like CIENCE enables you to start sales cycles with must-have logos. No sorting through poor-fit Inbound leads. No handing over leads the sales team rejects out of hand for not meeting key criteria. You call your shot, from Ideal Customer Profile creation to Qualified Appointment.


Grow Smartly

A place where many organizations bog down is around recruiting, hiring, staffing, and managing top-of-the-funnel sales roles. The jobs are hard, full of monotonous work and rejection. In-house employees (SDR’s, Sales Researchers, Sales Ops) burn-out quickly and have short tenures— all on your dime. This is an area to consider outsourcing, if for no better reason than it’s so hard to make it work simply to have greater control.

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Learn more about the CIENCE 10-Day Go-to-Market Workshop Businesses need to move fast to capture opportunity. Learn how CIENCE can deploy fully-trained teams to create sales opportunity for your company with our proven methodologies.

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"They provide quality feedback that you don’t typically receive from an outsourcing partner."

Casey Griswold , Founder



“CIENCE’s approach to lead generation reliably yields scheduled appointments and easily managed sales data. They’re committed to reliable research and delivering results.”

Chris Barnett, Founder & President

Barnett Strategies

Example CIENCE-tists

Meet some of our people and their knowledge base:




I deliver curated, highly-targeted and (most important!) accurate lead lists to my clients, daily.

I’m familiar with Account-Based Marketing or pure demographic targeting of individual prospects. I always focus on the ICP (Ideal Customer Profiles) to ensure only the right leads are found.

My team of Lead Researchers identifies the decision makers at your target accounts. We have the ability to sift through a wide variety unique attributes for each prospect for deeper personalization or qualification in your outreach phase. We also validate your existing leads and enrich them with unique data attributes.

I pride myself on meticulous detail-orientation



Inbound SDR

I’m trained in marketing fundamentals. The faster my response time, the less any inbound lead decays… Simple as that.

I’m good at light qualification— turning Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), where bad-fit leads never make it to sales.

I map individually to customer accounts, performing critical tasks efficiently without constant supervision. I’m comfortable over chat, phone, or email.

I’ve completed external certification programs from companies like Salesforce and Hubspot to provide you administrative and sales support.




I practice methodical outreach to set qualified appointments for you.

I’m skilled at delivering highly personalized emails and outbound phone calls to your prospects. I also test and continually optimize my approach on your behalf to win more meetings.

My team is scalable– we can expand as demand dictates. We’re your partner, seamlessly acting as an arm of your organization. We provide you visibility of progress with

regular reports from our Cience Platform.

We also compile detailed notes that your internal Account Executives and Sales Managers need at critical sales handoff points.

The Reviews Are In.
See What Customers
Have to Say About CIENCE.

Ideas from current business leaders

It’s tough to do it all yourself. Generating new business is a never-ending proposition that isn’t really optional.

We’ve helped founders, owners, and entrepreneurs seeking to bring growth to their business. Which all starts with a systematic approach to the top of the funnel.


The kinds of questions they ask are:

Can you help me start conversations with a list of my optimal clients?
I’d also like to open conversations with buyers outside of my current network.
Can you help me not waste time on campaigns that don’t work?
Can you help my salespeople who are struggling with prospecting?
Can we stop wasting money on ineffective campaigns with unpredictable results?
What’s the true cost of a qualified meeting?
What would you be able to accomplish with my budget and timeframes?

Business Leader Problems Our Teams Address

Lead feeder for current sales team
Ineffective account executive prospecting
Quota attainment (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)
Time to Go-to-market and outreach
Team morale, motivation, and stability
Costs of sales development resources
Quality of opportunities
Value/standing in the eyes of your Board of Directors
Chasing the right target market
Evaporating opportunity windows
Inability to attract key logo’s

What CIENCE Brings
to the Table

Business owners need a trusted partner to grow. Many also feel the pressure of getting to market quickly, without sacrificing quality, usually on a budget.

By ticking the boxes above with the ability to hone in on target market and ideal clients quickly, with successful, market-campaigns for most industries and costs that run less than 1/3 of in-house solutions, CIENCE delivers.



CIENCE draws from a large pool of talented labor that we hire, train, and retain so that you don’t have to. Our people and processes are our strengths.

You can expect a responsive team dedicated to your business. Every CIENCE SDR comes with the expertise of sales certifications, experience with modern sales development tools, and is grounded in the fundamentals of account-based marketing. Your Customer Success Managers provide additional insights into leading prospect theory, methodologies, and strategies.

Our vision is to apply sales specialization and time-on-task to improve the number of new business opportunities we can generate for your business.

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What does CIENCE cost?

The CIENCE packages benefit from market imbalances around our global footprint. We deploy sales specialized teams at less than 1/3 the cost of doing so in-house.

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We’re human-curating sales intelligence data, then building outreach sequences that range from 5-15 touches over a set period of time. We then faithfully execute outreach with your dedicated team members.

You have the option of extreme involvement and oversight of these resources, or the peace of mind of a team always working to bring you new leads, 40 hours a week, guaranteed.