Diana Kacheyshvili was one of the initial CIENCE team members. She joined in May 2015 and grew to the role of Data Enrichment Team Manager. Diana has a Master’s Degree in English and Spanish translation. She’s a warm, kind and radiant personality with a bright smile and sparkling eyes. You would fall for her within the first few minutes of having a conversation with her. Here’s her story at our company:

Joining CIENCE

I was 22 and still studying. Being a young girl, I wanted to have fun and be independent. That’s why I was looking for a work at a project. CIENCE, then Leadware, was hiring people in late May, so I decided to give it a try. I remember when I went for my job interview because it was hard to find the company location. The building was near the river Dnipro and had a pier.

Taxi driver arrived at the wrong address and left me somewhere in the middle of Podil. I was searching for the office (didn’t know at that time it would be my thing to do the research), and eventually I got there one hour late for the interview. I thought everything should be really formal at the job interview, so I was wearing high-heeled shoes.

They were smaller than my actual size, but I had put them on because they were the only ones that fit my jumpsuit. As a result, when I finally got the office after one hour of circling around that location, my feet were bleeding. However, I was so excited about that job that I didn’t even notice that fact until I left the office. I never put those shoes on again, but I will definitely remember that 1st day at the office forever.

CIENCE back then

Initially, there were ten of us, researchers. Our team shared a cozy office with an IT company, and we all sat in one room. We had a spacious kitchen with lots of snacks, drinks and cooked food.

We began working with FiveStars project on 2 June. In the beginning, the quota was 80 leads per day. Eventually, it increased to 250. It was really hard. These days a researcher at CIENCE generates 200 leads weekly.

I recall that there was a bell in the office. The first person to make quota had to ring it. Though it didn’t last for a long time since the volume of work was very big because we often worked for over 10 hours daily. We also did assignments at home and on the weekends, and we never thought we could shirk the quota because we had a client who was counting on us.

The team was really friendly, almost like a family. That’s why we tried to help those who fell behind. Despite an overwhelming amount of work we still found time to have fun. The team played table tennis, PlayStation, and board games. Every Friday evening, we played poker with the IT company.

Since the company was a start-up back then, it didn’t have computers for us. We went to work with our own laptops. I actually have never thought we’d grow this big: from 10 to over 200 people worldwide. Few start-ups manage to achieve it.

Funny story*

* That’s probably one of the most epic stories I’ve ever heard (editor’s note)

We had a corporate party in June (the company held many team-building events back then). It was arranged on our pier. The latter was decorated as if it was a wedding. Everyone was enjoying their time. I stood near the railing at the edge of a pier. The water was calm down below.

I was talking to a colleague when I felt my telephone slip from the pocket. I looked down and saw my brand new iPhone slowly falling into Dnipro. It was my parent’s present for my birthday. I hadn’t used it for more than 2 months. Because of this, I was shocked, and I even cried.

Kate tried to measure the depth, but Dnipro is just too big a river. Later we figured out it was about 14 feet. Realizing the whole tragedy of this incident, I was devastated. Furthermore, I was sitting on the couch in the office and crying as if someone died.

People came up to me one by one every 15 minutes to cheer me up. Alas, it had never worked until someone told me that one of our colleagues decided to jump into the water and try getting the phone. We tied a rope around his waist to pull him out in case of emergency and gave him something heavy so that he could go under the water easier.

Everyone supported me and tried to help;
it was heartwarming

That person scratched his back, but I couldn’t find my iPhone. Then upon Vladimir’s suggestion, I called a professional diver. I didn’t have money to pay him, so I lent from my colleagues (once again we were just like a family). We’ve been waiting for around two hours for him to come, so meanwhile, my iPhone was absorbing more and more water.

It took several minutes for a pro to find the phone on the bottom of Dnipro. We put it in rice in order to dry. It never worked again, though I gave it to a repair company. I was devastated, and I never dared tell my parents what happened with my phone, so I decided I’d earn money and buy the same model. They don’t know up to this day what happened to it.

Nevertheless, this situation showed me that I was working with amazing people who were kind, friendly and supportive. It was distressful and yet was very fun at the same time.

Challenges and personal growth

I’m more of an introvert. That’s why trying to motivate people to communicate within a team and establish a contact with me has been quite a challenge. Apart from that, I’ve been promoted several times, and it means that I obtained more responsibility while learning how to tackle it.

I gained valuable experience both for personal growth and relations with others. When you work as a manager, you meet different personalities and different types of thinking. You need to learn how to cooperate with them, and how to make it a pleasing/engaging atmosphere for people to come to the office in a good mood. In that way, they’ll be doing their job with enthusiasm by not feeling under constant pressure.

There are hard times when you get tired, but once they’re gone, you’re ready to do more, and your work turns into your life.

Working at CIENCE

Frankly speaking, I wasn’t going to stay for a long time. However, every time I was about to leave, various things made me stay. So, here I am, the Team Manager at CIENCE. I’ve seen the company grow from a little start-up into a mature organization with a complex structure. It’s a strange feeling, just like knowing somebody from their childhood.

My parents have abandoned attempts to understand what we’re doing here. Few people in Ukraine know what Data Enrichment is, but it makes us stand out.

As per every moment, I mostly fulfill management tasks, not the research itself. However, I sometimes help my teammates with difficult cases. Data Enrichment is a hard work. You need to sit all the time and be very attentive. Furthermore, you need to understand what you do; otherwise, you won’t succeed. This job isn’t for everyone.

I like my work and my team. Everyone here is young and ambitious. I got used to the people and the place. All the more we’re still growing and developing, and we’re a renowned company. We have professional executives and a perspective.

I am very grateful that one-day CIENCE came into my life so that I could obtain that experience and personal growth, and I believe more for us is yet to come.

Anastasia Voitehina
Content Writer at CIENCE

Anastasia Voitehina is a Content Writer at CIENCE Technologies. She creates passionate articles, witty infographics and smart charts dedicated to B2B Lead Generation. Anastasia also records the company's history and writes inspirational stories about her colleagues.