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Sales Growth Consulting

Dashboards, Messaging, Playbooks, and Metrics

We know how to run SDR teams. We do it every day. Managing hundreds of SDRs and BDRs for our Fortune 500 clients and fast-growing startups alike.

Have you aligned your productivity metrics with the knowledge required to execute sales plays? Compare your current approach with the Cience 24 point Sales Productivity Assessment (SPA) to diagnose and accelerate your sales development team!

Core Elements of our Sales Productivity Assessment





The Cience SPA is a simple survey and one hour consult designed to pinpoint exactly which hiring, training, messaging, and knowledge elements need fine tuning. Best of all, the Cience SPA is no-risk, no-cost, and guaranteed to provide meaningful results.

Sales Productivity Assesment

24 elements to drive your sales growth

ICP & Personas

CIENCE takes ownership in supporting your team, and present your brand as if it were their own.

Lead Scoring & Routing

We ensure all time spent on your project is tracked. You have direct access to your management and support team at any time, from account manager to quality control – nothing is off limits.

Technology Stack

Communication is key to learning. Our iterative approach is built to understand your business better day by day. Asking questions, exchanging ideas is all part of this process.

Productivity Metrics

We focus on sales development, this focus helps us to establish expertise that is unmatched in the sales consulting and support world.


Once we have trained your initial team and set up all details for your sales development, we can scale your team to any number of sales development reps.

Customer Alignment

Our highly educated workforce is located in Eastern Europe, Asia and the US and is using our CIENCE platform for efficient outreach across the globe.

Top Teams Create a Cience Experience

  • Create lift
  • Content Creation
  • Understand Customer Problems
  • Initiate Customer Conversations
  • Value Driven Insights
  • Account Based Engagement

Consulting service we love

Initial Assesment

Messaging Services

Dynamic Playbooks

Sales Operations

Reporting & Analytics

Sales acceleration requires hands on and continues measuring of activities and results and test them constantly. This is our Cience approach to sales and top of the funnel activities to help you understand your customer needs.