About DCI Software

Direct Care Innovations (DCI) is a healthcare technology company that creates business management platforms for providers and agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, and Managed care markets.

Mike Berthold
VP of Sales
Healthcare Technology

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Companies that are engaged in specific healthcare services

Product: Business management platforms for providers and agencies in Medicaid, Medicare, and Managed care markets.

“Demand generation is arguably the most important part of any SaaS company. As a startup, the ability to hire on a team of SDRs (Sales Development Representatives) to generate that new pipeline isn’t always an available option. We needed a remote third party SDR team to address this need, and CIENCE was the only company we found that met our requirements.”

Hundreds of SaaS companies and startups trust CIENCE with their lead generation. Through servicing 100+ industries in our short history, we’ve learned to build trust quickly.

CIENCE starts each new engagement by spending time learning about the business, industry, and ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). The ICP enables our research and marketing teams to set each account up for optimal success. DCI’s campaigns found peak success by targeting the personas of C-level executives and line of business leadership.

“Our engagement began with an extensive “Researcher” phase, where CIENCE learned about our organization, our target audience, and the challenges we seek to address. We then worked together to identify potential buyers and build out a preliminary list, and from there, they started on outreach. We have a dedicated SDR with CIENCE that’s been reaching out to prospects on our behalf, with the goal of booking initial sales meetings for us.”

The CIENCE Research process is methodical and exacting. Campaigns succeed (or fail) based on the accuracy, diligence, and resourcefulness of trained Research staff.


“We primarily interact via phone and email, but have several shared web documents that are regularly updated as well. They set the bar high. In fact, we have considered their strategies in implementing our own, in terms of quality, follow up, and transparency. We’re always up to date with what they’re doing, and I can’t say that for most of the vendors that I’ve worked with in my past.”

“With CIENCE, they’re always putting their best foot forward, and you know that they’ve got your back. They hit monthly touch points with us, deliver weekly reports, and send sales summaries whenever we request them. Any time you have a question, you get a response back, typically the same day. So again, there’s no smoke and mirrors. Everything is very clear. Everything has gone through well. Customer service has been great, and they’re very appreciative people, and I’ve enjoyed working with them very much.”

CIENCE hosts weekly internal and external meetings for each client campaign. Even though we’re a global organization with offices on four continents, different time zones never get in the way of strong project management. Nothing slips through the cracks.

“They provide very specific service and great business model that every company needs to really embrace if they want to have that constant influx of new pipeline opportunity creation. Without it, you have a very unpredictable business model. From a value proposition standpoint, I haven’t been able to find anybody that offers what CIENCE offers. The work that they’re doing isn’t for the faint of heart; they’re doing the nitty-gritty work for your company. It’s a very disruptive service, and they do a great job.”

“Qualitatively I couldn’t be happier. I love these guys. Again, if you’re in sales, or you’re a growing business, having a constant, steady influx of opportunities and engagements to sell your product to is a big deal. When the pipeline slows down, it may not seem to affect that given day, week or month but it will ultimately affect you down the road. They’re experts that become another arm of your company, and they uphold the highest standard of respect.”

"They're experts that become another arm of your company, and they uphold the highest standard of respect."


“They’re currently booking enough meetings for us to where we’re considering hiring additional sales reps on our end to compensate. They’ve been getting us at minimum three meetings a week, and the engagement has led to almost a million dollars in potential opportunities.”

CIENCE researches 1,000 contacts per month for DCI Software and schedules an average of >10 appointments a month. We know that building a qualified pipeline is a strategic science. Our research team delivers highly-curated, extremely targeted sales leads lists quickly.

“We sell to a unique buyer, and identifying those agencies is somewhat difficult. As of now, we’re completely satisfied. We’re continuing to build a relationship together, and hone in on our ideal customer profile based on the meetings they get us.”

“CIENCE provides more value than they may know. It’s been a tremendous advantage for us, and they take some of the heavy lifting off my plate. They also continue to develop our pipeline while I’m attending trade shows or other meetings. It’s very consistent and very predictable. I’m very confident in their services.”

“The engagement has led to almost a million dollars in potential opportunities.”

CIENCE’s Evaluation
Overall Score
They’ve been exceptional. We haven’t had any issues at all.
They’re very transparent, and we’ve had no issues with scheduling.
Their services generate leads, and the initial investment is easy to offset with resulting sales.
Initial performance has exceeded all expectations.