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Today, B2B companies enjoy more opportunities and tools to interact with their potential clients than at any point in history. Which one is the best? The answer is both “None” and “All” as it depends.

To succeed in business and stand out in the overwhelming glut of information, you need to build a complex strategy for lead engagement. And when it comes to outbound, the multichannel outreach has proven to be the most efficient according to multiple studies.

That’s why CIENCE never provides calling services as a stand-alone (mono-channel). Instead, we use the phone as a part of a multichannel sales development strategy that also includes email send-outs, web chat, and conversations via social networks.

Our call center services will help you engage with your potential customers and convert them into qualified opportunities using the power of human voice and value-driven conversations.

Search for
high-quality leads
Based on your ICP. A dedicated lead generation specialist creates an up-to-date list with contact data of your prospects.
A dedicated Sales Development Rep collects information about a prospect that will help them build a meaningful conversation.
The SDR sends cold emails to your potential buyers. All the letters are personalized.
Phone Calling
to warm leads
SDRs track the interactions of a lead with a received email. They make phone calls after a set number of opens.

Being one of the best call center services companies, CIENCE is about flexibility and adaptability. Our clients can help determine the number and order of touches and other important parameters of the campaign to make the outreach the most efficient.

One SDR at CIENCE works with up to 50 leads per day. This enables them to learn more about a prospect, personalize the message and to talk—to ask and to listen (rather than gibber one phrase to 200 people).


CIENCE Call Services for your Business:

  • Obtain the up-to-date list of high-quality leads.
  • Set the types of contact data you wish to see in this list.
  • CIENCE provides the lowest bounce rate on the market.
  • We can find leads that match the most sophisticated ICP.
  • Customize your outreach campaign.
  • Set the channels, the sequences, and the number of leads processed per day.
  • Control the messaging.
  • Use A/B testing to see what works best for you.
  • Leverage the multichannel outreach.
  • The combined system of phone calls, emails, and touches in social networks will provide you the best engagement environment with your potential clients.
  • Control your campaigns via comprehensive reporting.
  • Check out how many activities your SDRs do on your behalf every day.
  • Analyze the outreach data. You will get reports on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.
  • Save your money with outbound call center services.
  • The tenure of SDRs is getting shorter, while the OTEs are on the rise.
  • Hiring CIENCE team instead of in-house SDR is cost efficient.

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