Anna Svetlichnaya was the first person on our company’s first project. Having experience in Data Enrichment at IT company, Adility, she started as a Team Lead. She also trained each of the first researchers hired in 2015. Anna has a Master’s Degree in International Relations. She is a caring, outgoing and a joyful person. Being lovely and easy-going, she is wise for her age and it’s really interesting to talk to her. “I began my work with enriching 1.000 test leads for our first client in April 2015. Then I proceeded with training the newcomers in May along with two colleagues who were also experienced researchers. I became a Team Lead in June and was controlling the data enrichment process for FiveStars. Back in 2015, people knew little about this type of job.

The career path at CIENCE

I didn’t stay for a long time in one position. In August, I began working as the first external SDR of our company. My first project was The Bay Pay Forum (our second client). Though I was announced as an SDR, in reality, I was doing both research and sales development, which we call sales assistance. In February 2016, I became the Team Lead of SDRs, and in 12 months was promoted to a Team Manager of Sales Assistants. This was a newly formed department within Leadware. I remember my Team Manager once told me: “You’ve been in this position for too long.” I was afraid of this change. It felt like I was about to jump off the cliff, which I once did in the past. It was about 13 feet tall. Below was cold water. I was standing on the edge. One force pulled me back, but the other one pushed me forward. Finally, I jumped, and it was awesome. The promotion was pretty much the same in terms of emotions. In three months, I became the Head of the Sales Assistance Department. Today, I have 20 SAs. My responsibilities mainly cover all operational parts, such as Quality Assurance, resource allocation, KPI development, HubSpot integration and other managerial tasks. I never get bored because I’ve been growing steadily ever since.

CIENCE back then

We had a domestic atmosphere and were like a small family. I remember in our previous office we used to have power cuts, which usually ended up with extemporaneous team-buildings. They usually lasted for 15-20 minutes. We walked out of our room, talked, laughed and had fun. We also had many unexpected tasks and difficult situations at work. It taught me a lot of important things. For some period of time, I was playing Mortal Combat and table soccer during my breaks. We even had tournaments for employees! I participated in them too. It was really fun! One day, we decided to play ping pong 5 boys vs. 5 girls. Guess what? We won!

Heartwarming story

We had a Secret Santa tradition. One year, I had to buy a present for a girl who wanted a toy of Eeyore, or any other hero of Disney’s Winnie-the-Pooh. I searched all the shops, but couldn’t find any at the time. Finally, I ordered Tigger from a nearby store. It was a New Year’s Eve, so the queue was very long. I was standing in the line, and I phoned my colleague several times to find out the situation in the office. Because of this, I was scared I wouldn’t make it in time. Finally, I got the toy, sneaked into the girl’s room, while she was eating in our kitchen. I placed Tigger on her table and left unspotted. She was extremely happy when she saw the present!

Challenges and personal growth

We didn’t have any training department back then. This is why we had to learn everything on our own. We studied hard and eventually created a corporate manual from scratch. I had always considered myself a loner before I began working with the team. My biggest challenge at CIENCE was becoming a manager and solving the problems of other people. Consequently, I studied a lot, and I keep on working hard to improve myself. I attended many training events, including those on interpersonal relations.


At CIENCE I understood many important things: The first person with whom I should build relations to become efficient is myself. If you can’t use your knowledge, it’s garbage. You will never be liked by everyone. A person might let you down, but it doesn’t give you the right to do the same to him or her. Any event is neutral in its nature. We perceive it as positive or negative. There are no good or bad people, and there are people that aren’t a good match.

Anastasia Voitehina
Content Writer at CIENCE

Anastasia Voitehina is a Content Writer at CIENCE Technologies. She creates passionate articles, witty infographics and smart charts dedicated to B2B Lead Generation. Anastasia also records the company's history and writes inspirational stories about her colleagues.