To some extent, it’s true that the more people you reach out to in sales prospecting, the more customers you’ll attract. But that’s only true to a certain point. Beyond that, you rapidly reach a point of diminishing returns. You can easily end up expending energy and getting very little for your efforts.

You expect to work hard in sales, but working smart is also necessary.

Prospecting is about building trust-based relationships, which sounds like something that’s hard to pin down. However, it’s possible to have a sound strategy in place to help you build those relationships, and if you pursue them diligently, the return for your efforts will be greater. Here are 5 essentials that will help your prospecting be more effective.

1.Thoroughly Understand the Customer You Hope to Find

If you don’t really know who you’re looking for, you might find them anywhere. On the other hand, you’ll waste considerable time pursuing people who are uninterested the products and services you offer. That’s why it’s essentially important to outline your prospecting strategy

Understand the demographics and characteristics of your ideal customer and identify their needs. You can focus your efforts more effectively if you make use of referrals and research. Then, search for prospects with needs similar to those of your existing clients. Developing an ideal customer persona and thinking about problems they want to solve going in, shows consideration and empathy, rather than trying to win a sale. 

2. Know Where You’re Most Likely to Find Them

Sales leads may be found in places other than where you expect. Years ago, Land Rover created a ruggedized mobile phone that they expected to sell to outdoor laborers like construction workers. It didn’t take long for them to realize they had another market they didn’t expect: mothers of toddlers in the suburban jungle. While you want to make the most of your known customer base, it’s worth expanding conception of who might be well-served by your products and learning about them. This includes where they tend to congregate online, their tastes, and areas of interest. 

If you don’t have the bandwidth or team dedicated to finding your prospects, companies like CIENCE are able to supply the qualified leads and research directly to you every week. 

3. Define and Articulate Your Unique Value Proposition

Your unique value proposition is a concise statement of the benefits your product or service delivers to the ideal customer. It includes a description of the product or service, who the target audience is, and what value your product or service delivers. In other words, what do you offer that they can’t-do without? Perhaps that’s something as simple as more time, more cost efficiency or better customer service. Your UVP should clearly and briefly articulate what the ideal customer has or experiences now, versus what they will have or experience after they buy from you.

Perhaps that’s something as simple as more time, more cost efficiency or better customer service. Your unique value proposition should clearly and briefly articulate what the ideal customer has or experiences now, versus what they will have or experience after they buy from you.

Know your unique value proposition by heart and be ready to communicate it in each prospect’s “language.”

4. Devote Time to Prospecting with a Disciplined Strategy

Yes, there is an art to prospecting. But success largely depends on making the commitment and sticking with it. Developing a disciplined strategy helps ensure you maximize return on your effort, and that you don’t forget any important steps that might let customers slip through the cracks. For example, you might designate 30 minutes each morning to prospecting, set a goal of a certain number of prospecting calls per week, and determine how much of each week should be devoted to new business development. Tracking your results and refining approach should also be part of your strategy. While measuring time spent prospecting is important, keep in mind that this time could be spent closing deals. 

5. Use Sales Prospecting Tools and Services That Give You an Advantage

Without the right tools, you’re plowing a field with a gardening trowel. Sales prospecting service firms like CIENCE put sales lead lists directly into your hands so you can prospect across the web and reach out knowing you have accurate, up-to-date data to work with. CIENCE helps you harvest leads with highly curated lead lists developed from your ideal customer persona. This is followed by personalized email and phone outreach for resonating outreach that gets you appointments. Working with a researcher, SDR, and copywriter through CIENCE is still more cost-effective than hiring one person in-house. The time savings alone allow you to devote effort to building relationships rather than accomplishing administrative tasks.


Prospecting isn’t easy but with the right strategy, tools, software and dedicated amounts of time, can become a more seamless process. Be sure to measure the amount of time your team dedicated to prospecting. If it takes up more time than you’d like, working with a lead generation company is worth the investment. It enables you and your team to focus on the sell and increases the likelihood of more sales.

CIENCE’s meticulous outbound solutions take care of your lead gen. You get personalized campaigns targeted to your ideal customer profile. Also, customized email/phone outreach and reliable appointment setting. We’re effective because we use cutting-edge technology plus human intelligence. We invite you to book a meeting with CIENCE and improve your sales process today.

Jaslyn Oberoi
Content Writer and Email Copywriter at CIENCE

Jaslyn Oberoi is a former content writer and email copywriter at CIENCE. She was in charge of both writing blogs and creating email templates and cold call scripts. She has a Bachelor’s Degree focused on Marketing and Digital Marketing training from the General Assembly.